Unluckily, unlike most of my friends and school mates, I was lucky, at the age of 18 years, to have one I would call sweetheart or my love. One that I could lean on and thought she would give me a smile during the darkest hours. Do I mention that I spent more than 1 year, having the perception that she was all that I needed in life?

But until lately, about 2 months past, and that was during the valentine season, that everything turned unexpected. Surely I had lived in a dark world, where even the tiniest clue about her unfaithful character, in contrast to what she had kept on promising, never popped on my mind. But you wonder why am saying this, ooh, oooh, kindly allow me, although it will make me shed tears narrated my last dating experience with her.

On this Saturday morning, as we had planned, I just made my efforts to taking her for an adventure; a date to be specific. As we sat in the restaurant waiting bay , I knew that this day, would mark my best happiest days in my life. But do I say, after few minutes of talking and laughing, a certain man popped in and called my 2 year lover, ' My wife ,kindly go home and pick our child, then take her to school. I have already taken her to the hospital and she is now well. Miss you'. What! I couldn't imagine that my so called 2 year old lover was a wife and mother to someone, and for all that time she had always assured me the opposite of the truth. What more would I do rather than walking home disappointed. It was my worst date in my life.